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I’ve been learning how to use Maya this winter, and this is my first project/environment. This living room is inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Anansi from American Gods. My assignment was to model a room based off of a literary character.


Kvothe in Tarbean

Large version

I’ve been wanting to draw something from Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind books for a while now. Here’s the protagonist, Kvothe in the city of Tarbean. 

Process wise, this was a self-inflicted exercise in patience. This image has been sitting in my head for months, but I’ve avoided it, knowing how much work would be required to do the city justice. I’m still on the fence as to whether or not this level of complexity helped or hindered. Something more abstracted/vague may have given me a better result, sooner. 


Frozen concept art.

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Happy holidays everyone! :) x

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First Attempt at speed painting an environment. Not great, but it’s a start.


I was wondering if you guys would like a painting tutorial/or video?

I gave a quick demo at Alex Fine’s class at MICA the other day and it was a ton of fun! One realizes their public speaking capabilities (or lack thereof) when in front of a group of 30 students. 

I’ve gotten quite a few inquiries regarding my process and techniques so I figure if the demand is right, I could upload something. Also it beats sending out a bunch of private messages.

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Oh this painting was from the demo if I wasn’t clear about it.

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Had to draw Annie from Tom Siddell’s fantastic webcomic, Gunnerkrigg Court. Possibly my favorite comic on the web right now :).

"This world is going to burn, burn, burn."  -Dr Horrible


I don’t know whether to consider this finished yet or not. 

just doodling around in sai


Constructing the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram for Globular Star Cluster Omega Centauri [x]

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me doing the good grades dance

me doing the good grades dance